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Pet Photography Guidelines & Tips

1. Take a photo of your pet to the best of your abilities with your pet facing forward for a Frontal View Portrait. You can submit a Profile view or Three-quarter view portrait of your pet for additional reference but at least one Frontal View Portrait photograph of your pet is required except in the case of Pet memorials or when future photographs of your pet are not possible. 


What is the difference in poses you might ask?

Frontal view-- viewing the face from the front.  Profile view--viewing the face from the side.  Three-quarter view-- viewing the face from a slightly turned position where you only see a small portion of either the right or left side of the face.


Taking your pets photo can be challenging. Its ok if your hands are in the photo or you are in the photo. In fact, holding your pet in a good pose and then having a friend take the photograph may work best. For an example, the photo below is of Stefani Domenico's dog Kiko. Check out the sample portrait of her and how her photo actually started in the photo seen below:

2. Make sure your using a good point and shoot camera or at least a newer smart phone that you know takes decent photos. Basically, if it looks blurry or pixelated to you then it will to me too. Use the largest file with the highest quality possible. 

3. Email your photographs to Please email high resolution Jpegs only. When emailing your photographs please make sure your email program is set to send original files and does not compress your images. If your email program will not let you email your largest file size then please let Stefani know and she will send you a link to upload your files to Google Drive. If you already know how to send a link to a high res file from Google Drive, Dropbox or any other FTP program then go for it. :}

That is it. If you have any questions about this process please email.


Thank You,

Stefani Domenico

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