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To commission a Custom Pet Portrait painted by Stefani Domenico please follow these steps:

1. Choose a background below for your pet to be featured in or chose a custom background for an additional fee ($75).


2. Pick out a size and product option. The price begins with a $180 artist fee for creating the Custom Portrait. Stefani digitally airbrushes your pet and this process includes multiple hours of Digital Painting. On the Pricing page please note that the Custom Pet Portrait prices include the Artist fee and all applicable Sales tax already built in to those prices. You are only taxed on the product you chose and not the artist fee which is a non taxable service. Prices are for one pet, for additional pets there is an added fee of $125 per extra pet. You get to approve of and make minor changes to your pets portrait before it goes to print. You will also receive a high res digital file of your artwork.


3. You will then need to email photographs of your pet to Please read the guidelines for photographs on the Upload Info page of this website. The more photos the better. 


4. Then call or email Stefani to discuss and place your order. She can assist you with choosing the right background, size and product option that best suits your pet and style. She will also discuss your photos that you emailed her at this time and let you know if they will work or if more will be needed. You will then receive an Invoice via email along with a contract requiring electronic signature. Once payment is received in full then your project will begin. 

5. Stefani will communicate with you along the way and then arrange the shipping and/or delivery of your artwork.

For each Custom Pet Portrait ordered Wonder Pawz will donate $5 to the Animal Cancer Foundation in loving memory of Kiko Domenico. Kiko is pictured in the above photograph and is the proud Mascot for the Wonder Pawz logo. She lost her battle with cancer in Nov 2017 at just 5 years old.

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