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Donation Increase & Price Update

Hello Pet Lovers,

Beginning today, all Custom Pet Portrait prices have changed. Custom Pet Portraits are still $100 for one pet (plus additional cost for size, medium and/or mounting option chosen). However, additional pets in the same portrait will now be $75 per pet instead of $50. Everyone has more than one pet these days and I spend the same amount of hours digitally painting each of your pets so the price difference was not feasible for my business plan. I want nothing more than to remain in business as this is my passion! I look forward to creating more Custom Pet Portraits of your pets soon.

The great news is that with my price increase I will also be increasing the donation for each Custom Pet Portrait orders from $7 to $10. All donations go to Autumn Acres and you can read more about them on my website under the donate link. So now, for every Custom Pet Portrait ordered, Wonder Pawz will donate $10 to Autumn Acres to help pets in need.

Thank you,

Stefani Domenico

Owner & Digital Artist of Wonder Pawz

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