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Toki in Harvest Moon, 2017

12"x18" Outdoor Garden Flag


Garden Flag is printed in Lone Jack, MO, USA by Just Vision It Printing Co. and is

a 100% Polyester, Made in the USA fabric. Printed using the Dye Sublimation process. 

Garden Flags are One sided with design showing through the back of the fabric as it is sheer.

Flag material is rated for outdoor use in all weather conditions. See Print Process info below

more details. 

Artwork by Stefani and Machine sewn by Stefani.


Flag does not include Flag pole or wall hanger. You can easily purchase a holder or flag pole at

your local Home & Garden shop or some Hardware stores. 

Toki in Harvest Moon ~ Garden Flag


Care instructions are as follows:

Handwash in cold water with a mild or eco friendly detergent and line dry. Do not dry clean. Flag material dries very fast. 

This fabric does not require any washing upon receiving it unless that is your preference or you have soemone in your home with a pet allergy. See Additional info for more details on this.


Refunds or Exchange policy:

You may return this product after and up to only 14 days after receiving this product for a full refund of the price of the pillow but excluding the price paid for shipping. Customer must also pay for the shipping to return the item to get a full refund. Please state why you are returning the product in an email and notify Wonder Pawz of the return upon shipping after you receive a tracking number and can also notify Wonder Pawz of the tracking number. Once Wonder Pawz receives your product, the product will be inspected for damage and if found to be damage free then the refund will be issued back to you.

Please note: Exact color of flag may slightly vary from your screen as all computer monitor colors and density vary from monitor to monitor. Artwork is color matched from artists color monitor profiles. There are absolulely no refunds or exchanges for color variations.